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i got into an accident this night. i was turning onto 92nd street and a woman came out of nowhere and rammed right into my car. the entire front was hanging off my little car. i was shaking. i was freezing. i was so scared. it took about two hours to write up the accident report. no one was hurt, and the woman's car wasn't too badly damaged, so the "no fault insurance" will cover it. it was just upsetting. my little car. totaled. my god. i'd never been in a REAL accident until today. my brother and his friend shane were surprisingly supportive. they were being inappropriate, making rude comments, taking pictures of the two cars, and making me laugh. mom was there. she came back over the bridge. i'm so glad it's over now. but my neck and shoulders are really sore. glad i took the aleve.

in other news, right before my accident, i saw anthony for another fitting of my prom dress. i'm a little unsure of the lace on the bodice, but overall the dress looks great. and he gave me a pep talk. perhaps the best pep talk of my life. because he's sincere and candid and he really cares about mommy and me. i was feeling really good after i left him.

i'm feeling really accomplished. i finished my art history outline today.

i'm taking the day off tomorrow to recover from the whiplash. i have to:
-put the plastic steel on my V mask
-finish the Anarchy landscape
-finish reading Ways of Seeing

that is ALL i'm doing tomorrow. i'll go over homecoming again since i'm teaching it on friday. and maybe i'll figure out some of "you had a bad day". practice for cabaret night a little. i don't know why god wants me to stay home today anyway. maybe someday i'll figure it out.

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